About Us

Luveeny is a luxury, Modern streetwear clothing brand. Its name is derived from the phrase ‘Love in envy,' which is also the brand’s slogan that tells people that love wins despite the envy that keeps coming from the world.
Luveeny is an online urban streetwear clothing store. It is deliberately designed to provide a healing aura for the young people who have gone through pain – mainly caused by love amidst the world’s envy.
Wearing the Luveeny brand is a statement to the heart. It is like wearing positive affirmations around your soul, stating that no matter how overwhelming the pain threatens to be, love always wins. The brand is a creation of a loving husband and wife, Lauren and Dan Hunter. They understand love and the sacrifices that go into it.This lovely couple aims to build a bigger circle of young people that can love beyond the pain through this fantastic brand. After all, a world full of love, courage, and people daring to love is a world free of pain.